Thursday, May 26, 2011

Hi, Atheists!!

Wow, not posted in here in a long time.  But seeing as how there are some new readers:

Hello, (semi-fellow) atheists!  I'm not truly an atheist, as I do believe in God--but God is not some deity to me.  God is me, you, my dog, the grass, the air, love, peace, hate, everything.  I usually don't wanna get into all that, and since most people don't regard God as such--I just tend to say I'm an atheist.  But the truth is, I fit into no-man's land.

I could "defend" myself here, but I truly have nothing to defend.  Did I come with less-than-stellar reasons?  Sure.  But I was not the first--nope, I followed the path.  I stayed because I enjoyed the people there, and I found many to be knowledgeable.  I wasn't looking for targets or any such--and I certain wasn't some sleeper cell, but I did get a really big laugh out of that.  I never requested to be banned; not sure where that came from. 

So, just thought I would say hello since you're looking.  And this wasn't a secret.  I had it as a link in my signature for a long time.

Also:  The only post where I was anything less than honest or myself was the one about ghosts, but that was because a member told me their idea which sounded fun at the time.  Turned out not to be.  Oh, well.  But everything else?  The truth.  I've embraced the necessity to be honest, and I wasn't feeding "personal" stories to gain trust or whatever.  I was just being honest.  Probably too honest.  But that is me now, who I have chosen to be.  So I am messy and dramatic and sometimes annoying.  I am honest, and I don't care for posturing.  So I just wanted to let whoever reads this know:  I never lied.

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Hicquodiam said...

Probably my bad, sorry... but it was worth the knowledge gained :)

Dreamer said...

Oh, dear. I do not blame you, Hicq. Not in the least. I hardly know you. :)

I never hid anything with RT, so it's just lunacy. Incidentally, do you recall the last message I sent you? You may not have even had a chance to read it before you were banned.

OGTL said...

You shouldn't call what you described "God" to avoid any confusion. It shouldn't make it mean any less to you.

Hicquodiam said...

Nah didn't get the message

Dreamer said...

Hello there OGTL,

My concept of God is the basis for how I interact with the world: I strive to see it all as worthy. It is all an expression of the Divine. I fail in my endeavor to be kind, accepting, and peaceful. I am not perfect; I am not enlightened. I hold ideals which I reshape as my understanding of this world evolves. I admit my faults and continue on. My understanding of God is quite beautiful: I really can't express it in words so much. I'm confused by the first part of your comment--what is it I should call it? The Divine?

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