Friday, November 26, 2010


Happy (day late) Thanksgiving! 

Thinking of last year . . .
 I was still smashing mismatched pieces together and hoping they would form a lovely picture of me.

And the directions sucked . . .

Now, while there is still shit in the background that needs to be cleared away, it is much clearer.  The truth.

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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I'm Confused....

Here's an FAQ:

I am sure you have some questions. Let's get busy.

1. What is the message? What is this truth you talk about?
There is no you. You do not exist. The thought you think yourself to be is a thought, like any other. Some thoughts refer to something real. This one doesn't.

2. But I'm hungry and want a sandwich. CLEARLY I exist! I'm hungry!
No, you do not exist. You don't own the hunger. This is just distraction. Look deeper. You don't exist, regardless of your thoughts on the matter.

3. I already have my truth, thanks. I'll see you later!
Truth is NOT subjective! Something is true or it is not. It is true in every instance, or it is false. There cannot be any in-between in this. Truth does not depend on you or I to believe in it to merit it as "truth." It doesn't need other truths to support it. Truth stands alone and is, pardon me, self-evident.

Understand this first: Truth is true no matter if it is known or believed.

4. That's nice. But I believe in _________ (Jesus, the soul, chi, The Flying Spaghetti Monster, etc.). I'm not going to leave that belief for you.

Those are nice beliefs, but they don't matter at all. To seek truth, beliefs must be set aside--they can serve to obscure truth, so they must be removed from the picture. This sounds very scary, especially to someone like a Christian who stakes so much upon faith.

Now, here's the question to ask: Are you sure that your beliefs are real? Are they truth? Most Christians will say without hesitation that yes-it is truth, and there are no doubts.

If you're sure that your beliefs are truth, then another truth cannot hurt them. If your faith is truth, then nothing can touch it! If you know your beliefs are truth, there is no reason to be afraid of looking at more truth.

Q: If I don't exist then who is reading this message? Who knows that I do not exist?

A: No one. There is simply the process of hearing the message, simply the process of knowing you don't exist. There does not need to be a you for any of this to happen.

Q: But what is the human mind?

A: It is the pattern recognition faculty of the human brain.

Q: So I am just awareness?

A: No! Awareness exists. You do not. You are not awareness. You do not shift into something else and continue to exist. There is no you, at all.

Q: But I have a body!

A: This isn't a question... Yes, there is a body. You do not own it. It is not your body.

Q: How is this truth going to help me?

A: Realizing "no you" doesn't make problems go away. It's a shift in perspective, a recognition of a lie that permeates through everything you do. Find out about this because this is truth, and it is real--not because you want it to fix all your problems. This is not the key or solution to all your problems! This is truth. Truth is important in and of itself. Pursue it because it is truth. You do not exist.

Q: But how will this truth help anyone?

A: The death of ego = death of suffering. Enlightenment on a mass scale. Without the belief in self, there is nowhere for the desire to harm others to come from.

Q: Cogito ergo sum. "I think therefore I am." Doesn't this prove you wrong?

A: "I think __" presupposes a thinker. If the conclusion of the cogito is that there is a thinker, then using the "I think__" proposition is question begging and thusly fallacious. Next.

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