Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Soul Purging

I did have a lot of very personal things on here, but I deleted them months and months ago, mostly out of fear of who might read it.  I didn't pull punches with what happened to me--I just laid it out bare.  I still don't know if it was the right decision to pull it from wandering about on the internet.  I may post it back up.  Why not be honest?  My past is a mess, but I shouldn't let it haunt me so.  Admitting to it, facing it . . .

I also went on a trip down memory lane and glanced through my livejournals.  I must say I am proud to be where I am, even if I know "I" didn't make that journey.  :)  It's been a helluva ride, and I am glad to still be here.

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